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Success at Chiswick Park

Published 19th February, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Success at Chiswick Park

It's easy to see how London cleaning firm JPC has won its latest award for service at Chiswick Park - a 2015 Golden Service Award.

JPC has instilled a high level of employee engagement - including English classes, training courses, and skills programmes - to ensure it not only retains the best staff but encourages them to develop and grow in their roles.

Contracts manager, Sandrino Vieira, is in charge of cleaning the 33-acre site in west London which is used by 8000 people every day. It's the biggest contract on JPC's books, with 74 members of staff on the cleaning side alone. If you add in engineers and security, it totals more than 120 people.

“We are proud of the experience we offer,” said Vieira. “You can see the difference when you walk into Chiswick Park - you can feel it in the air. There's something fresh, energetic and vibrant about it and we are at the forefront of that. Our standards are sky-high and our programme of cleaning is extensive but it's the way we motivate our staff that really helps this project shine. People think that cleaning is bottom of the food chain but it's different over here. We make team members feel it's a large family…like we're cleaning our own house. And everyone is proud to work here.”

Engagement is high and attrition is low because JPC has embarked on a comprehensive schedule of apprenticeships, ambassador programmes, and further training.

Vieira continued: “There are free English courses on site and other courses to develop people's skills, from how to read body language to building confidence and improving customer service. Everyone is a name, not a number.”

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