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Stingray - enabling daytime cleaning

Published 25th May, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Stingray - enabling daytime cleaning

With Stingray, Unger offers a highly efficient solution for professional daytime cleaning. It is claimed to clean windows up to 25% faster than traditional methods, uses 39% less cleaning agent and still guarantees outstanding cleaning results.

Airport Frankfurt/Main KG has recently been using the new Stingray cleaning tool with plenty of success: with around 250,000 square meters of glass surfaces, many of which are located in difficult-to-access areas, Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport places the highest demands on window cleaning professionals.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the biggest in Europe. With a total surface area of 20 square kilometers, it is regarded as an independent district of the city on the Main. More than 60 million passengers use the airport each year. The two main terminals see 160,000 and 200,000 passengers passing through on a daily basis. In recent years, the older and bigger Terminal 1 has undergone myriad modernisations and the many huge glass surfaces are the architectural highlight of the terminal.

The glass is constantly exposed to extreme levels of contamination, touched by many people on a daily basis which results in unsightly fingerprints. Regular and thorough cleaning is important in order to keep the terminal in presentable condition. Klaus Ewig, head of the window and façade cleaning department at GCS, said: “We clean the glass up to three times per week and work continuously for eight hours each time. Since people are gathered in the terminal at virtually all times, our timeframes are, as you may expect, short. What’s more, many of the glass surfaces, such as those on conveyor belts and doors, are extremely difficult to access. We are often confronted with significant problems if we attempt to use traditional cleaning tools, such as squeegees, washers, chamois etc.”

According to Ewig, cleaning the approximately 250,000 square meters of glass requires a great deal of time and effort: “That’s why we made the move towards the Stingray system by the window cleaning specialist Unger - mainly for removing fingerprints but also for cleaning mirrors and indoor windows. We were impressed by the numerous benefits of the system at the 2015 CMS Berlin trade fair. We currently use up to 20 Unger Stingrays.”

Thanks to the innovative indoor window cleaning system, spraying and cleaning can be completed in one process and the window and the frame can be cleaned at the same time with the microfiber TriPad. An embedded spraying system ensures that the cleaning fluid does not drip. This guarantees that there is no need for extensive reworking. “Given the huge amounts of glass surfaces that we have to clean in Terminal 1, that is an enormous economic advantage for us,” concluded Ewig.

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