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StepNpull is here

Published 31st March, 2014 by Neil Nixon

StepNpull is here

Revolutionising the way we open any door - including public toilets, StepNpull eradicates the need to touch the door handle. It lets you exit the door using just your foot.

Over 70% of people using the public toilet don't wash their hands properly. StepNpull helps eliminate the unnecessary spread of bacteria from door handles.

StepNpull is made of recycled aluminium and makes hands-free door opening a reality. Installed in minutes and retro-fitted to the base of most catchless doors, every hospital, cruise ship, restaurant, office and school can use it as a cost effective way to combat the transfer of germs, improve public health and provide a solution to this popular problem.

StepNpull is already an established product in the US and is now manufactured, produced and distributed from the UK, coming in a range of colours with a lifetime guarantee.

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