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Steam Scrappage Scheme announced

Published 12th January, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Steam Scrappage Scheme announced

OspreyDeepclean has announced the new Steam Scrappage Scheme in which owners of older or non-working steam cleaning machines may scrap them in favour of new models at discounted prices.

Reflecting the car scrappage schemes introduced by various governments in favour of motor car manufacturers, the Steam Scrappage Scheme will similarly replace inefficient, worn out or non-working steam cleaning machines with models that are more powerful, more efficient, less costly to maintain, and, importantly, more productive in terms of steam generated.

"Old or worn out machines cannot hope to produce the volumes of steam that the newer models achieve," said Mike Osiadacz, sales director of OspreyDeepclean. "The more steam produced, the more efficient the machine is for removing grease and grime. This is of great benefit for industrial or large commercial users who need as much steam as possible to clean production equipment, or large kitchens, for example. Smaller models are used in fast food, hotel or healthcare facilities, and although the demand for huge volumes of steam is not so great, machines do need to be ergonomic and more efficient so that the operative can be more productive."

The value of the discount will vary according to the model that replaces it, but at 20% of the value of the new machine it could very easily represent several hundred pounds. The make or model of the old machine doesn't matter as all steam machines qualify.

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