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Stay-clean coating invisibly protects surfaces

Published 10th December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Stay-clean coating invisibly protects surfaces

AllClear is a new high performance stay-clean coating that has just launched in the cleaning market. Scientists who have developed this advanced nanotechnology coating say that it keeps surfaces cleaner for longer and makes cleaning much easier and cheaper.

The applications for this high-tech coating are almost limitless according to AllClear Coatings, the company launching the new range of treatments in the UK and Eire. Washrooms, worktops, flooring, windows, doors, partitions, balustrades, glass roofs and shop-fronts are all suited to the coating. AllClear can be applied to any silica-based material such as glass, stone and ceramics plus to metals and plastics. Areas of high traffic, heavy usage or those inaccessible for cleaning would benefit most say AllClear Coatings.

“Surfaces protected with AllClear have greatly improved performance,” said Leigh Fletcher, regional sales manager for AllClear Coatings. “The repellent, hydrophobic properties of the treatment mean that water or liquid coming into contact with the coated surface will simply bead off, taking dirt with it, literally like water off a duck’s back. It’s also oil repellent; up to four times more oleophobic than untreated surfaces. To clean the surface all that is required is a clean cloth, fresh water and a quick wipe.”

Easier cleaning is just one of the advantages claimed by AllClear Coatings. This, the company says, should reduce labour expense as cleaning becomes quicker. Without the need for chemical cleansers, AllClear should also reduce cleaning bills by cutting out the cost of astringent fluids. This leads on, said Leigh Fletcher, to a reduced environmental impact for any organisation using AllClear to treat surfaces.

The bonus of the green credentials of this environmentally-friendly coating are compounded by the added advantages of 20% more brilliance and improved scratch and impact resistance for the treated area.

Hygiene can also be improved by the coating, claims AllClear Coatings, as environments where bacteria can grow are reduced by the treatment.

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