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Stay ahead of the game with data-driven cleaning

Published 21st February, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Stay ahead of the game with data-driven cleaning

The rate at which technology develops seems to know no bounds. The rise of the Internet of Things is changing the way businesses operate in many industries, not least the facility services sector. Data-driven cleaning is making facility services companies ready for the digital age. Equipping them with advanced technology and connectivity to empower cleaning teams and facility managers to work more efficiently and make smarter decisions.

In today’s constantly changing environment, in which increasingly savvy customers generate growing demands on service providers, companies need to think and go about their business differently. Companies need to transform and find new ways to create value - not by introducing new technologies for the sake of it, but by using data to gain better insights and solve business challenges.

Professor Kaj Storbacka at the University of Auckland Business School said: “It is obvious that the whole cleaning industry will have to change and embrace new technology in order to survive the digital age.”

For the facility services industry, the speed and ubiquity of change is profound. Facility service providers must be capable of continuously dealing with today’s most pressing challenges such as low profit margins, high staff turnover, frequent customer churn, and rapidly changing workplaces while also making sure to prepare themselves for the complexities of tomorrow.

A new era in cleaning

Data-driven cleaning is one concrete example of the value that the Internet of Things can create in the facility services industry. By letting sensors throughout facilities collect data about visitor numbers and refill levels in real time, service providers are empowered to improve their cleaning operations. The result is a new logic for cleaning.

At the World Trade Center (WTC) in Amsterdam, the introduction of Tork EasyCube, a facility management software enabling data-driven cleaning, has led to unprecedented cleaning results. The WTC houses around 350 companies on more than 125,000 square meters of workspace, and accommodates between 5000 and 6000 workers each business day, making it the largest collection of office buildings in the Netherlands.

Edo den Hertog, chief operating officer for D&B Facility Group, said: “New technological innovations like Tork EasyCube enable us to improve our services. By saving time on unnecessary cleaning rounds and dispenser checks, we can devote more of our attention to providing high-quality service.”

Data-driven cleaning has led to a reduction of the time it takes to clean washrooms by 27%, with availability of towels and toilet paper increasing to nearly 100%. As a result, the number of complaints at the WTC dropped to an absolute minimum.

Adopting new ways of working

The core of data-driven cleaning is advanced technology and connectivity, but the value it provides lies in what it enables people who use it to do. It empowers cleaners to act on real-time information to work more efficiently, eliminate unnecessary work, and ensure an even higher quality of cleaning, as well as enabling managers to make better decisions to optimize operations.

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