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Standard for providing clean hospital environments revised

Published 26th January, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Standard for providing clean hospital environments revised

BSI, the business standards company, has revised PAS 5748, Specification for the planning, application and measurement of cleanliness services in hospitals. Sponsored by the Department of Health, the specification was first published in 2011 as a means of helping acute, community and mental health hospitals in England demonstrate that plans were in place to keep their premises clean and safe for patients.

Keeping the hospital environment clean is a key factor in delivering effective infection prevention and control arrangements as well as improving patient wellbeing. Stringent cleanliness protocols provide the foundation for a continued reduction of healthcare associated infections such as MRSA.

This specification provides a framework for a risk-based cleaning system and takes a continuous improvement approach to hygiene. It provides for the planning, application, measurement and review of cleanliness services in hospitals. The aim is to help key staff such as chief executives, directors of infection prevention and control, directors of nursing, lead nurses or matrons ensure that patient safety is a priority within the NHS in England.

Some of the things that PAS 5748 covers: Governance of cleanliness service; Assessment of the risk of a lack of cleanliness (for infection and damage to patient, public or staff confidence); Providing cleaning tasks; Measuring cleanliness on the basis of visual inspection; Implementing corrective action; and Conducting performance analysis and implementing improvement actions.

Anne Hayes, head of market development for governance and risk at BSI, said: “The hospital environment is one which many of us will experience at some point in our lives. Having peace of mind and trust in the facility in question, is a very important consideration for all who enter hospital. This specification can support care providers in giving patients confidence that the hospital environment is clean. The current revision remains relevant to today's healthcare environment and PAS 5748 is commended to anybody who is directly or indirectly responsible for providing a clean, safe environment for patient care.”

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