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Spring forward with four fresh new products

Published 26th July, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Spring forward with four fresh new products

As seen at the Manchester Cleaning Show and now available to order, the new line up of Spring Fresh products from Greyland consists of three 750ml trigger sprays and an angle neck.

The ready-to-use Limescale Remover does what it says. Spray on, wipe off, job done. But it smells nice too, in keeping with the berry colour of the product. No nasty chemically odours.

Bathroom Cleaner is a handy all-rounder for everyday cleaning of all surfaces in a bathroom or washroom, with a pleasant fragrance.

The last of the new trigger spray lineup is Cotton Fresh Air Freshener, ideal for any office, guest bedroom, or dining room where a neutral laundered cotton fresh fragrance is required.

Spring Toilet Freshener descales and freshens all in one - without leaving behind the bleachy residue that other products can. Ideal for the toilet basin as well as around seat fittings, regular use keeps the toilet fresh and limescale free.

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