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Spot & stain removal course

Published 15th December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Spot & stain removal course

26 February 2010, Leicester

Spot and stain removal is still a genuine craft and requires a higher degree of skill and knowledge than almost any other process undertaken by the professional carpet cleaner.

Over the years, cleaning equipment and surfactants have improved, enabling the carpet cleaner to remove almost any spillage on a client’s soft furnishings. However there is always an unknown spot or stain that proves difficult and it’s these marks which cause the biggest headaches, along with the client's expectancy of complete removal.

On 26 February 2010 the National Carpet Cleaners Association is holding another of the popular Spot and Stain schools. During training the course delegates will be taught how to identify a stain, what specific things to look out for and how to advise the client prior to carrying out any work. Only once the work and possible outcome has been assessed should any attempt at stain removal take place.

Stains can be of a complex nature and will require patience and knowledge of appropriate cleaning solutions. It is also important to decipher what fabric, fibre, dyes, and finishing agents etc, have been used to create the soft furnishing being worked upon.

The idea of the school is to assist in understanding the item/s being worked on, identify the stain and establish the chemical solution to be applied. It will also teach how to determine the expected results, not forgetting that complete removal of a stain should never be guaranteed.

The course delegate will use his or her own spotting products on the prepared samples, which will be handed out during the training. They will not just be taught how to remove the soils, but also how to do it without causing further damage to the samples. There is nothing worse than removing the stain only to leave the client with a felted or fuzzed surface.

Each delegate will also receive a course manual and three spotting tools to be used on the day, which can be taken home to use again.

A further Spot and Stain Removal course will be held later in the year on 22 October 2010.

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