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Spinaclean launches two new pole systems

Published 12th December, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Spinaclean launches two new pole systems

Spinaclean has introduced the next generation ‘Elite’ gutter cleaning poles. According to the company, the clamped poles have the lightest weight to size ratio in the gutter cleaning market. Made from advanced carbon fibre material, the poles have improved rigidity, especially at 40ft from the ground. Joined together using a parallel joint and quick release clamp, the poles are 15% wider, yet 5% lighter - improving productivity.

Spinaclean is also launching what it claims to be the world’s first internal telescopic high-level cleaning pole. Made from light and durable carbon fibre, the all-in-one pole can reach up to 18ft. Standing less than 5.5ft closed, the lightweight pole is easy to transport. Ideal for cleaning a range of internal environments, the universal pole is compatible with all major branded vacuum cleaners.

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