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SpaceVac appoints Rawlins as UK distributor

Published 31st October, 2017 by Neil Nixon

SpaceVac appoints Rawlins as UK distributor

SpaceVac has joined the line-up of innovative cleaning products provided by Denis Rawlins Ltd. SpaceVac’s package of lightweight carbon fibre poles, cleaning accessories and wireless cameras allows operators to clean up to 15m from ground level in a safe and simple operation with no need for expensive and disruptive cherry pickers or scaffolding. The range includes internal, external and backpack versions. SpaceVac is also ATEX-accredited for use in explosive environments.

Rawlins is now the UK master distributor for the Northampton designer and manufacturer. “SpaceVac has chosen Rawlins to lead its UK sales operation due to our commitment and track record in bringing innovation to the wider cleaning industry,” said James White, MD of Denis Rawlins Ltd. “SpaceVac sits well alongside other innovations such as Ren Clean, Kaivac and OmniFlex that enable cleaning teams to do a better job at lower cost with smarter yet simple-to-use equipment. We’re enthusiastic about SpaceVac not just because it’s the best system on the market, but because SpaceVac is committed to continuous improvement, keeping its system ahead of any competition.”

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