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SonicScrubber goes professional

Published 21st August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

SonicScrubber goes professional

With ever increasing traffic in public areas, and germ concerns at the forefront of minds in everyday facilities, the pressures on commercial cleaning are constantly building. Standards are expected to evolve, and prices are expected to shrink. Two elements equally opposed to one another.

A handy answer is now available to commercial cleaners - the SonicScrubber. This tool has been pleasing household cleaners for years, and the manufacturer realised it had to respond to the calls for an upgraded, purpose built version for the commercial user. So after nearly a year of development, the professional range has been launched.

A new rechargeable battery pack does away with the cost and hassle of standard replacement batteries, and a redesigned bristle replacement system saves on further usage costs. Built 45% larger and stronger than the household version, and with the most advanced motor yet, the professional version really is purpose built for the industry.

Aimed at speeding up the cleaning of detailed areas, the SonicScrubber makes light work of grime in tile grouting, around taps and toilets, catering hobs and ovens, elevator tracks, and the list goes on. A study by the American Institute of Cleaning Sciences even found time savings of up to 57% within commercial applications.

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