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‘Something young people can rely on’: the CHSA’s 2021 undergraduate bursary

Published 3rd February, 2021 by Neil Nixon

‘Something young people can rely on’: the CHSA’s 2021 undergraduate bursary

Young people may not yet be certain of what’s replacing A Levels this summer but there is one thing they can rely on - the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) bursary.

“Young people are living in an uncertain world,” said David Garcia, vice president and treasurer of the CHSA and the driving force behind the association’s bursary programme. “The past 12 months have been incredibly challenging for them, with continual changes to their schooling. We know there will be no A Levels but we still don’t know the detail of what will take their place. In the midst of this uncertainty, young people can depend on our bursary. Our commitment to supporting talented young people remains unwavering.”

Every successful applicant is awarded a maximum of £4500, receiving the bursary in three instalments: £1500 at the start of each academic year or for the first three academic years if the degree is longer. Only 'would-be students' who are the children of CHSA members' employees, will be 18 years of over on 1 September 2021, and commencing their higher education studies this autumn are eligible to apply.

Garcia continued: “People working in the cleaning and hygiene sector are the unsung heroes of this pandemic, supplying the PPE and cleaning and hygiene products so essential for keeping workplaces safe. It’s a particular pleasure this year to give something back through this bursary for the children of our members’ employees.”

2021 is the sixth year since the scheme was re-introduced the CHSA and four young people have already completed their studies with the support of the bursary. Seven are current recipients, two of whom graduate this summer. Together they will have received £49,500 from the CHSA by the end of their studies.

Applicants are assessed according to need, worthiness, endeavour, and overall performance. Each candidate also brings something unique, their ‘x-factor’. Applying is simple - eligible young people need to visit the CHSA website and click on the link on the 2021 bursary page. The form includes a 400-word statement and it is advisable to draft the statement prior to accessing the form. The closing date for applications is 25 June 2021. Shortlisted applicants need to be available to meet the judging panel, to be led by David Garcia, on 21 July 2021.

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