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Solving washroom blockage problems

Published 4th August, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Solving washroom blockage problems

A number of hospitals, leisure parks, catering outlets and retail stores have been switching to the Tork SmartOne system to help prevent expensive toilet blockages. Laboratory tests have shown Tork SmartOne to break down extremely efficiently in water. And when coupled with its consumption control benefits, the Tork SmartOne system becomes a highly cost-effective solution for away-from-home washrooms.

“Toilet tissue often spends only a matter of seconds in the flush system, so the biggest blockage-causing factor is how much tissue is actually being flushed away and the water volume of the flush,” said SCA product and segment manager, Stephen Wright. “Flush systems are primarily transporting the toilet tissue rather than actually breaking it down. Therefore, the single-sheet dispensing feature of the Tork SmartOne system is a major factor in helping to reduce blockages.”

A leading leisure park that receives thousands of visitors per day recently switched from mini jumbo dispensers to the Tork SmartOne toilet tissue system. The park had previously had issues with blockages, and these were leading to closed toilets and costly call-outs.

“The problem was that too much tissue was entering the drainage system,” said Wright. “When the park trialled the Tork SmartOne system they saw a reduction both in the amount of product used and in blockage issues.” The park has since ordered more than 200 Tork SmartOne dispensers.

Offering single-sheet dispensing, the Tork SmartOne system has been proven to reduce toilet tissue consumption by up to 40%. This cuts costs, reduces maintenance and improves sustainability since less paper is wasted and fewer transport lorries are required to supply facilities with toilet tissue. The Tork SmartOne system is available in both full-size and mini versions.

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