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Solving a sticky situation

Published 2nd June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Solving a sticky situation

Spinaclean has solved a sticky situation for London and south east cleaning company, GLC Maintenance Ltd. The company is constantly asked by its commercial clients to remove chewing gum from paving. To date it has been dissatisfied with its results using traditional pressure washers, scraping, or freezing techniques. Now it has bought a Spinaclean Gum Ranger and work is flooding in from operators of schools, shopping precincts, car parks, councils, loading bays, and residential home owners.

GLC director, Garry Sprigmore, said: “Gum Ranger has paid for itself in weeks. We can now guarantee removal of all gum from any surface, even reception door mats.”

Gum Ranger is easy to use as it comprises a back pack and lance - no cables or hoses, and no need to close public areas to operate in safety. It simply vaporises the cleaning solution and sprays it under pressure onto the gum to atomise it. Unlike pressure washing it totally removes gum, not shifting it to another place for someone to walk in.

Sprigmore continued: “Gum Ranger is an amazing piece of kit. It does what it says - it completely removes gum every time. It is less time consuming than pressure washers. There is no mess, no fuss, it is completely safe, and I can clean with total confidence.”

Gum Ranger is totally inert, creates no odours, and can remove 300 pieces of gum per hour.

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