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Solution change ahead of new eco regulation

Published 11th July, 2024 by Neil Nixon

Solution change ahead of new eco regulation

Prochem is ahead of changing environmental legislation with a new product name and an important formulation revision to its long-standing carpet and upholstery protector.

B130 Fluoroseal CF stain protector has been renamed B130 Aqua Protect CF to reflect a formulation change in the product. This newly formulated dual-function carpet and upholstery protector is based on fluorine free water repellent technology for durable soil and stain resistance, effective against water-based products, such as coffee, tea, wine and similar spills.

Prochem's Chemical Product Manager, Parag Patel, said: “Restrictions are being placed on polyfluorinated-based products. These are now classed as forever chemicals meaning they resist degradation due to the strong carbon-fluorine bonds and so are categorised as an environmental hazard. Changes in regulations are due to come into effect in the next two years, but we’re being proactive and making the change to help stop adding PFAs to the environment.”

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