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Soap system set to cut costs

Published 8th January, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Soap system set to cut costs

The launch of a new system for Tork Premium liquid soap will result in less waste, lower costs and improved hygiene in the washroom. And the introduction of new toilet seat cleaner, alcohol gel and industrial soap products to the range will create a complete Tork hand cleaning and care system.

Tork Premium liquid soap is now housed in a new cartridge that is completely sealed to protect the soap from contamination. A University of Arizona study has revealed that 25% of bulk refillable soap dispensers contain unsafe levels of bacteria.

“With conditions such as swine flu a major concern, the fact that Tork Premium soap is now even safer to use is an obvious advantage,” said SCA Tissue Europe product and market manager Charlotte Branwhite. “The new system will be particularly welcomed by employers since increased hygiene will reduce costly levels of absenteeism caused by illness at work.”

Another advantage of the new cartridge is that it takes only a few seconds to replace, leaving staff free to pursue other tasks. And the recyclable cartridge is collapsible which reduces the volume of waste by 70%, cutting down on waste disposal costs.

The fact that the soaps have pH values of around 4.5 - similar to that of healthy skin - means they are less likely to cause dermatological problems that could lead to staff absenteeism. And every soap cartridge contains a new pump which means that clogging due to repeated use will no longer be an issue.

“Every aspect of the upgraded soap system has been designed to reduce maintenance bills as well as costs associated with absenteeism,” said Branwhite. “The result is a hygienic, efficient system that will be highly attractive to today’s cost-conscious customers.”

The new Tork Premium alcohol gel hand sanitiser conforms to EN 1500 and leaves the hands 99.9% bacteria free, while Tork Premium toilet seat cleaner hygienically cleans the toilet seat and dries quickly while also helping to neutralise odours. Also new is Tork Industrial Hand Cleanser which is highly effective at removing dirt, oil and grease from the hands due to its fat-dissolving ingredients.

“The new Tork Hand Cleaning and Care system will open up new markets for us in areas such as food manufacture and healthcare,” said Branwhite. “Customers will now be able to equip their premises with the complete Tork washroom range.”

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