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Smarter dishwashing management

Published 27th March, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Smarter dishwashing management

IntelliDish is a sophisticated, cloud-powered management, insight and monitoring system from Diversey that optimises the performance, productivity and resource-utilisation of commercial dishwashing operations in food service operations in real-time.

The real-time remote diagnostic, reporting and management capabilities of IntelliDish help food service operators to maintain continuous, efficient and high-performance kitchen operations. Operators have greater control to improve results and reduce costs while maintaining food hygiene and safety compliance. It acts as an analyst across all the operator’s kitchens to monitor performance continuously and ensure systems are running optimally, efficiently and profitably. It utilises advanced ‘smart’ technology to track and report accurate dishwashing information. Working in conjunction with Diversey’s Revoflow dispensing system it communicates various aspects of a dishwashing machine’s cycle (including pre-wash, wash, and rinse temperatures, product usage and concentrations) to a cloud-based server.

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