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Smart door handle sanitises hands

Published 23rd January, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Smart door handle sanitises hands

PullClean, a door handle that sanitises your hands, is claimed to triple the rate of hand sanitisation rates and provide feedback on usage through a monitoring system. Invented by Altitude Medical UK co-founders, Dr Alex Oshmyanksy and Dr Jake McKnight when they were students at the University of Oxford, PullClean encourages people to clean their hands every time they enter and exit a room, making hand hygiene simple and trackable.

PullClean encourages people to clean their hands simply by placing the sanitiser in a more direct position and replacing two separate actions (sanitising and then opening a door) into one seamless movement. A tube-shaped cartridge is placed in the centre of a hollow door handle, which releases a small amount of sanitiser when a blue paddle button is pressed. Each handle also includes a monitoring system that records a variety of data, from how much sanitiser is left in the handle and when the cartridge should next be changed, to hourly usage stats compared to how frequently doors are opened. For healthcare settings this can include hand sanitisation rates across wards, shifts and even entire hospitals.

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