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SitexOrbis under new ownership

Published 19th December, 2013 by Neil Nixon

SitexOrbis under new ownership

Vacant property and cleaning specialists SitexOrbis is under new ownership. After almost two years of uncertainty during a Competition Commission process, SitexOrbis has emerged with a stable and certain future. The new owners are a consortium of experienced, patient and well-funded private individuals who recognise the importance of the company's history, and will ensure a period of stability and growth into the next 10 years.

SitexOrbis is the original vacant property security specialist and the only business with 30 years' experience in the market. This new ownership will provide the stability to continue that history. By providing a future free from any changes in ownership, SitexOrbis will be perfectly placed to invest both time and capital in long-term relationships, contracts and partnerships essential if customers are to cope during the upcoming period of continued austerity.

Since the acquisition was completed, the new board, led by chairman Sir Robin Miller, has restructured the organisation. Senior directors and management have left the business and the new owners are taking an active role in running the company and setting the strategy. SitexOrbis has always been, and will continue to be, a regional business with close local relationships to customers, and as part of this restructure the regional directors have been given greater responsibility and report directly into the board. One of the new owners, Layton Tamberlin, is acting as managing director, and Richard Sanders is development director, demonstrating the importance of the business to the new owners.

“We see an enormous potential in SitexOrbis which has been constrained over many years by corporate uncertainty,” explained Tamberlin. “We hope to unlock that potential by bringing stability and clarity to the business. SitexOrbis has a very strong local and regional network with relationships and quality of service unparalleled in the industry. By building on these strengths and ensuring the whole business is aligned and structured for growth, we will reinforce SitexOrbis's position as the leading player in vacant property services, delivering on its promises through its 30 years' experience, and a significant force in security and facilities management overall.”

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