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Significant progress towards Sustainability 2015 goals revealed

Published 7th January, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Significant progress towards Sustainability 2015 goals revealed

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the parent company of Kimberly-Clark Professional, has made significant strides towards meeting the targets set under all three pillars of its Sustainability 2015 vision - people, planet, products.

Under the ‘people’ pillar, Kimberly-Clark recorded no workplace fatalities across its global operations in 2011, in line with a target of achieving zero workplace fatalities by 2015.

The company also introduced social programmes in 62% of the communities where it operates, which means it is almost two-thirds of the way to achieving its 2015 target of implementing social programmes in all Kimberly-Clark communities. Thirdly, in 2011 Kimberly-Clark achieved 99% compliance to its social standards, just shy of the 100% target for 2015.

Under the ‘planet’ pillar, Kimberly-Clark sourced 99.9% of its fibre from certified sustainable sources in 2011, close to its 2015 target of 100%. It also reduced its water usage by 1% against a 2015 target of 25%.

Against a targeted 5% absolute reduction in greenhouse gases, Kimberly-Clark achieved a reduction of 1.2%. The company is also aiming to send zero manufacturing waste to landfill, and in 2011 managed this in 49% of its facilities.

Under the third pillar of its Sustainability 2015 vision, ‘products’, Kimberly-Clark passed the halfway mark in its quest to generate 25% of sales from environmentally innovative products, having generated 13% of sales in this way during 2011.

The company reduced the environmental impact of its packaging by 4% in 2011, against a 2015 target of 20%. Lastly, it began the process of tracking progress against its set aim of touching 250 million new consumers by 2015.

Lori Shaffer, sustainability marketing manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: “As part of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation family, we are immensely proud of the progress made in 2011 towards meeting our Sustainability 2015 goals. As this report shows, there have been some real successes, but there is still much to be done in terms of both hitting our targets and maintaining what we have achieved so far. We will continue to work towards our goals, reporting regularly on our progress as we do so.”

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