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'Shred to tissue' scheme is secure, sustainable and cost-effective

Published 16th May, 2013 by Neil Nixon

'Shred to tissue' scheme is secure, sustainable and cost-effective

Tork manufacturer SCA has joined forces with recycling and resource management company SITA UK to offer a new recycling scheme for confidential material.

Companies taking part in the scheme will have their unwanted confidential documents taken away and shredded by secure shredding specialist SITA UK. The paper will then be taken to SCA mills where it will be used to make tissue products. These will be sold back to customers for use in the washroom and workplace.

“The beauty of the scheme is that it is sustainable, secure and cost-effective,” said SCA product and segment manager Amelia Baker. “The shredding process is completely secure and companies will be reducing their carbon footprint by cutting down the volume of waste sent to landfill. This in turn will reduce their waste disposal costs which means the scheme is highly cost effective for the customer.”

The shred to tissue scheme will help support companies' own sustainability policies while raising awareness of the benefits of recycling both within their organisations and among their customers.

Tissue products made from recycled confidential paper for use in washrooms, office buildings, food service environments, industrial facilities and healthcare organisations will be produced through the scheme at SCA's UK mills in Prudhoe and Chesterfield.

“By recycling confidential material into hygiene products we are helping companies to turn paper documents they no longer need into tissue products they do,” said Baker.

SITA UK is the only national recycling and resource management company to have its own in-house secure shredding division.

“We are delighted that by joining forces with SITA UK we will be offering companies a seamless solution that will handle their confidential waste,” said Baker. “This is a sustainable and cost-effective solution that will be immensely popular with UK businesses.”

Jerome Mingaz, SITA UK's head of security shredding, said: “For SITA UK this is a perfect example of putting waste to good use. Our service means that our customers can have confidence that their waste is being dealt with properly while also helping them to play their part in resource management.”

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