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Shiny Green Floor

Published 28th August, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Shiny Green Floor

FLEXIS® pads are the ultimate solution on daily floor cleaning and polishing. Developed by KGS DIAMOND, they are made with its latest FERRZON®+ technology based on microscopic crystals.

The FLEXIS® pads have been designed and produced for every kind of floor (i.e. terrazzo, marble, granite, concrete, plastic etc.) and can be used on any type of machine (scrubber drier, UHS / propane burnishers, oscillating / single head machines). The pads are thicker, stronger and have long-lasting results. Wet or dry, you just have to follow a 4 step process :

  1. Coarse pad (red) used for deep cleaning or as the first step on badly worn floors.
  2. Medium pad (blue) used for deep cleaning, produces an economical light reflective finish.
  3. Fine pad (yellow) intended for daily polishing and cleaning, producing a clear reflective shine.
  4. Very fine pad (green) used wet or dry. Will finish the 4 step process leaving a polish to the floor with the highest shine available. Daily use will maintain and improve the polish.

Not only easy to use, the FLEXIS® pads are also environment-friendly. Indeed, cleaning the floor using FLEXIS® means just use water. No chemicals are required .

Save time, money and energy, being environmentally responsible at the same time!

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