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Shield Guard range certified effective against Coronavirus

Published 18th August, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Shield Guard range certified effective against Coronavirus

Shield Guard from Healthguard Hygiene Ltd has been certified effective against the novel coronavirus, EN 14476A:2019 tested and approved. Healthguard Hygiene Ltd was born out of the InnuScience Group, both owned by the Bothongo Group. Shield Guard is Healthguard’s range of sanitising products manufactured in the UK under strict ISO9001 conditions.

Nick Winstone, director of InnuScience UK and Healthguard Hygiene Ltd, explained the story behind the launch of the new company: “We responded to the urgent need to provide protection through hand sanitiser to hundreds of thousands of frontline workers, and feel a responsibility to continue to provide these products as Britain slowly emerges from its lockdown. We needed to do this in a way that does not conflict with our mission within InnuScience, hence the launch of the brand of Shield Guard and Healthguard Hygiene Ltd, focused on the protection of human health through the use of sanitisers, as a separate company within the Bothongo Group.”

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