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SFD diamond floor pads

Published 22nd March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

SFD diamond floor pads

The Preparation Group’s SFD surface finishing pads are successfully tackling a wide range of floor cleaning and preparation problems. Ideally suited to clean, maintain, shine and grind resin floor surfaces, The Preparation Group’s SFD Surface Finishing Diamond pads also provide good cleaning and polishing results on terrazzo, marble, natural stone concrete and vinyl.

One customer experiencing the benefits is A. Andrews and Sons (marbles & tiles) Ltd of Leeds. Its contracting division tackles even the most demanding contracts involving terrazzo, ceramics and marble for shopping centres, airports, supermarkets, public buildings and corporate headquarters. The SFDs were a natural addition to A. Andrew’s contract equipment.

The company purchased the pads with an STG machine, and has been very pleased with the final results. They have been successfully used in a college changing area and toilet to prepare a terrazzo floor following the removal of carpet, and on refurbishment projects for a leading supermarket chain to rejuvenate terrazzo tiles after shelving had been repositioned.

The resin diamond dots on the SFDs are bonded onto the pads. This makes them highly durable - grinding, keying, texturing, sanding and polishing without clogging.
The pads are designed to fit The Preparation Group’s STG machine, along with most other types of single head grinder/polishers, auto scrubbing and polishing machines. They are available in a range of grades from 100 to 3000 grit, the selection depending on the condition and type of surface.

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