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Servest to clean new Heathrow pods

Published 11th November, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Servest to clean new Heathrow pods

Servest has won the contract to provide cleaning services for the new Heathrow pod transport system at London’s Heathrow Airport. Appointed by pod developers Ultra PRT, Servest will be responsible for cleaning the new personal rapid transit system (PRT) officially launched this month. Commissioned by BAA, it provides on-demand transport for customers travelling from the business car park to Terminal 5.

The unique Heathrow pod system consists of 21 low energy, battery powered, driverless vehicles capable of carrying four passengers and their luggage along a dedicated guide way to and from the terminal.

The pods will offer around 500,000 passengers travelling between the two stations at the Terminal 5 business car park and the station at T5, a stylish five-minute journey. Servest ensures the cleanliness of both the stations and the vehicles - meaning each is in perfect condition before every passenger journey.

Ultra PRT managing director, Fraser Brown, said: “Servest carries out all our cleaning needs on all the vehicles and buildings which make up the new Heathrow pod system. We selected Servest based on its competitive pricing and the professionalism of its representatives.

Passenger feedback about the service has been very positive, and the fact that each vehicle is spotless inside and out and always ready for use has been recognised by pod users and is key in building a service we can all be proud of. We have certainly been impressed with Servest’s performance so far. Our confidence in Servest means that we can focus on providing a service for passengers knowing the vehicles and stations they are using will be clean and always ready for use.

From the outset we were clear that we would expect more than just cleaning services from Servest as the cleaning staff are often representing us on the frontline - meeting customers and being asked questions regarding the system on a regular basis. We are delighted with the excellent customer service skills they demonstrate in these situations.”

This Heathrow pod system forms part of BAA's £4.8 billion investment in Heathrow - improving the passenger experience and reducing the environmental impact of the operation through the development of cutting edge, green transport solutions. It offers a completely new form of on-demand public transport - one that delivers a fast, efficient service to passengers and brings considerable environmental benefits, saving more than half of the fuel used by existing forms of public or private transport.

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