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Select few grabbing all the growth

Published 17th February, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Select few grabbing all the growth

A new study by industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing has identified a group of 106 emerging companies in the UK cleaning services industry. In the last year these companies have increased sales by an average of 14% and are continuing to take further control of the market.

Over the last two years, growth in the market has been sporadic, averaging 1% two years ago and 1% last year. However, these high growth companies have managed to grow much faster.

Of the 1000 companies analysed in the recently published Plimsoll Analysis, 106 were found to be suffering the consequences of these high growth companies. They saw their own sales fall, on average by 9%, in the same period. David Pattison, author of this new market study, said: “This is absolute evidence that whatever growth there is in the market is being captured by a select group of companies.”

So what have these companies been doing to create this growth? Pattison offers the following explanation: “It’s clear that the market is changing. The revenue and growth streams companies took for granted a couple of years ago have changed. Frankly, it’s the one question that we all want to know the answer to - ‘where is the market heading?’. These 106 winning companies seem to have the best idea.”

The new Plimsoll Analysis provides a full financial analysis on the top 1000 companies in the UK cleaning services industry. Their full financial performance over the last four years is presented in the publication. The analysis is designed for the busy manager who needs to spot trends in the overall market, identify and understand threatening competitors. For those looking for quick growth, the analysis can also be used to seek out acquisition prospects.
Copies of the full 1000 paged analysis are available now in PDF format, priced at £350. Readers of Cleaning and Maintenance are entitled to a £50 discount if they quote reference PR/AA10.

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