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'School packs' promote hand hygiene among pupils

Published 27th October, 2014 by Neil Nixon

'School packs' promote hand hygiene among pupils

Tork manufacturer SCA is giving out a limited number of 'school packs' designed to promote good hand hygiene practices among school children. Each pack will include a free-on-loan tablet device pre-loaded with a Tork app aimed at nursery and primary school pupils. Ella's Hand Washing Adventure uses cartoon characters to teach children when they need to wash their hands, such as after playing outside and before eating.

“Hand hygiene should be learned at an early age so that good habits are ingrained in children while they are still very young,” said SCA product and segment manager, Charlotte Branwhite. “By offering schools a tablet preloaded with our excellent app along with other support materials, we are doing our bit to support hand hygiene among children.”

Posters, hand washing guides, colouring sheets and crayons are included alongside the tablet in each Ella pack. Ella's Hand Washing Adventure, aimed at children aged three to seven, features Ella and her friends taking part in games in the garden and playing with dough in the kitchen. Screen-prompts after each activity encourage children to wash their hands. They are also prompted to dry their hands until all water droplets have been removed.

“With the onset of the cold and flu season, this is an ideal opportunity for schools to educate their new reception classes and other young children about the importance of hand hygiene - and doing so in a fun and interactive way,” said Branwhite.

Schools wishing to apply for a loan of a tablet preloaded with Ella's Hand Washing Adventure should email Educational establishments that are already equipped with their own tablets can download the free Ella's Hand Washing Adventure app via the Apple app store or Google Play. The app works on both Apple iPads and Android tablets.

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