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SCA's latest Sustainability Report published

Published 18th May, 2010 by Neil Nixon

SCA's latest Sustainability Report published

SCA has exceeded one of its ambitious sustainability targets a year early and taken new steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These were among the highlights of the company’s 2009 Sustainability Report, published recently.

SCA has pledged to achieve a 15% reduction in water consumption and a 30% reduction in its organic wastewater content by 2010, using 2005 as a base year. By the end of 2009 water consumption had decreased by 4.9% while organic content of wastewater had reduced by a massive 40% – exceeding the company’s target by 25% a year earlier than expected.

SCA’s approach to sustainability involves being prepared to rethink deep-rooted beliefs and methods of approach according to the company’s president and CEO Jan Johansson. “For example, are we using the appropriate technology?” he said. “How can we minimise the products’ environmental impact? Can we find new ways to distribute our goods? The company’s holistic approach to sustainability is paying off. The year 2009 has been a difficult period distinguished by the recession and financial crisis. In this harsh competitive environment, SCA has secured more customers and contracts through our pronounced and transparent sustainability strategy. Young coworkers choose to work at SCA for the same reasons.”

The 2009 Sustainability Report also revealed a 2.2% reduction in carbon emissions. However, SCA has pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2020 using 2005 as a base year.

A number of plans are underway to further reduce CO2 emissions. SCA Tissue Europe is actively working with energy efficiency in the common SCA network E-save. A total of 500 E-save projects have eliminated 72,000 tons of CO2 and saved 340 GWh of electric consumption annually since 2002.

A future example for SCA is the Swedish wind power project in collaboration with Norwegian Statkraft which will involve the building of 455 wind turbines in six wind power parks and is expected to generate 2.4 TWh of electricity every year.

SCA was one of the pioneers of reporting transparency and has published annual reports on the environment and sustainability since 1998. The organisation recently appeared in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list for the sixth year running.

SCA’s Sustainability Report 2008 can be downloaded from the Tork website at

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