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SCA best in WWF tissue category

Published 29th March, 2012 by Neil Nixon

SCA best in WWF tissue category

SCA was ranked best in the tissue category and for responsible fibre sourcing in WWF´s Environmental Paper Company Index (EPI) 2011.

SCA has been praised for transparency and for disclosing information on environmental performance. “By allowing evaluation of their environmental data, SCA shows that they take environmental and social responsibility seriously,” said Emmanuelle Neyroumande, manager of WWF International´s global pulp and paper work.

Sune Lundin, president of AFH Professional Hygiene Europe, said: ”It is a confirmation that our long standing sustainability and sourcing strategies and our contribution to meeting global challenges are recognised and on course. SCA is proud to have scored best overall and best on responsible fibre sourcing with its European tissue business in the WWF´s Environmental Paper Company Index 2011 Evaluation. We have dedicated many internal resources to continuously improve our environmental footprint. This will motivate our employees even more to make a step change when it comes to sustainability.”

WWF launched the second WWF Environmental Paper Company Index in 2011, a rating of paper producers on their global ecological footprint. In this round of the Index, 19 globally significant producers of fine paper, tissue and packaging have allowed WWF to scrutinise their global paper production on key environmental criteria, such as fibre coming from well-managed forests, clean production and public reporting.

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