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Save time and money with Surface Prep Pads

Published 13th December, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Save time and money with Surface Prep Pads

Few cleaning jobs are as costly and inconvenient as chemical floor stripping, which is why 3M has introduced Scotch-Brite Surface Prep Pads (SPP) - an advancement in floor care that, it is claimed, delivers improved productivity, safety and sustainability, at a total lower cost.

Unlike traditional floor pads, which rely on the mixing and application of hazardous chemicals for their stripping action, Scotch-Brite SPP is designed to strip and clean with neutral detergent or water.

Conventional floor stripping is an unpleasant and extremely labour-intensive job. As a result, many premises put up with dull and dirty floors for much longer than they would like. By specifying Scotch-Brite SPP, contract cleaners and facilities managers can now maintain clean, bright floors year-round, at a lower cost, with minimal mess and operational downtime.

Scotch-Brite SPP is suitable for use on wood, marble, terrazzo, vinyl, concrete and other protected surfaces.

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