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Sanitising just got sophisticated!

Published 10th September, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Sanitising just got sophisticated!

The Vycel electrostatic sprayer, a sanitising treatment that the manufacturer claims will provide sanitisation in just five minutes, has recently been launched.

With the hospitality, beauty and retail industries under pressure to recoup lost profits, the need for fast, seamless sanitisation has never been greater. The Vycel electrostatic Sprayer utilises the latest technology to provide a quick, safe and cost effective way of protecting customers and staff from the infections spread by viruses and bacteria - and ultimately protect businesses with the potential to thrive once again from looming health and financial threats.

The unit creates a fine mist that simultaneously disinfects surfaces and cleans the air it passes through. Lightweight, compact and battery powered, the Vycel sprayer delivers 1.6 billion particles of sanitising solution every minute and the built-in high-performance pump can project mist up to 2 metres across a room.

“With these industries contributing billions to the economy annually, it’s critical we help support operators that have been hit hard by the pandemic,” said Ken Park, CEO of Vycer. “Protecting clients and staff from viruses has never been more important to protect the safe and efficient operation of businesses. We are proud to have developed the latest in technology, enabling venues to completely sanitise their premises for less than £3 per day using Vycel’s sophisticated technology.”

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