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Sani 4in1 now available in SmartDose

Published 15th August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Sani 4in1 now available in SmartDose

Taski Sani 4in1, the washroom cleaner that combines powerful disinfection, descaling, detergent and deodourising performance in a single product, is now available in the SmartDose super concentrate platform from Sealed Air’s Diversey business. This means the product is now available in all of the Diversey dosing and dilution control platforms - SmartDose, QuattroSelect, J-Flex, and Exact - to provide users with total flexibility to choose efficient and sustainable super concentrates for workplaces of any size while reducing the number of different products required to clean their washrooms.

SmartDose offers a simple, effective and safe way to introduce super concentrates into any cleaning operation and is ideal when space is limited, connection to a water supply is impractical or complete portability is required. It enables control over product usage for superior cleaning consistency with improved sustainability, reduced wastage, predictable cost-in-use and enhanced productivity. Washroom cleaning trigger bottles prepared with Taski Sani 4in1 SmartDose can, claims the company, be up to 90% less expensive than professional ready-to-use products supplied by distributors and wholesalers.

The SmartDose pack incorporates a patented dual-setting dispenser that doses product accurately and consistently into spray bottles or buckets. The user selects one of two dosage levels by turning the patented SmartDose head mechanism to one side or the other, as indicated by easy-to-read icons. The head is pulled upwards to prime the integral pump and pressed down to deliver a precise amount of concentrate.

The mechanism also creates a closed system that eliminates the risk of leaks, prevents unauthorised refills and minimises exposure to concentrated product for safety. No installation is required which avoids issues related to water regulations. Users simply carry the container to the point of use and add the correct amount of product to their equipment.

Designed for daily cleaning in washrooms or leisure facilities, Taski Sani 4in1 is highly effective against soils, odours, lime scale and contamination. Its formulation contains two unique biocidal active ingredients that deliver high levels of disinfection. The formulation has a stable pH value of less than two which makes it strongly acidic. This means that with regular use it prevents and removes the build up of limescale.

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