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Safety first at Horsham Hospital

Published 29th May, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Safety first at Horsham Hospital

A healthy, hygienic environment is essential for any location, but in hospitals and healthcare settings it is particularly important. People attending outpatients' clinics or visiting loved ones rightly expect to see scrupulously clean floors, so facilities managers need to ensure that their floor cleaning regimes, and machines, are delivering the highest possible standards.

Horsham Hospital is a two-ward, 50-bed community hospital, owned by West Sussex Health, and it has seen an increase in the use of safety flooring over recent years.

“We have had issues over the last few years with more and more safety flooring being installed,” said the hospital's facilities supervisor, Stephen Partlett. “This is tricky stuff to clean as our existing buffers tended to glide over the top. What we really needed was a machine that would 'dig into' the floor without damaging it, and remove the dirt rather than just spread it around.”

Truvox was invited to demonstrate the capabilities of its Multiwash machine, alongside a machine from another well-known cleaning industry name. The Multiwash was selected because Horsham Hospital felt that it offered better value for money, with superior handling and reach.

The Multiwash is a multi-purpose floor cleaning machine that washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Quiet in operation, with excellent manoeuvrability, it is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare settings. The Multiwash is highly effective on 'difficult' floors, including non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, tiles and escalators. There are four models to choose from: the MW240 and MW340 are ideal for smaller areas of hard floor, while the MW340P and MW440P offer even greater productivity thanks to their additional four-litre solution tanks and pump sprays, allowing larger areas of both hard floor and carpets to be cleaned.

Partlett concluded: “The key benefit the Multiwash is delivering is a marked improvement in the patient environment. Hospital floors are very visual things. If they are seen to be dirty it gives a very negative perception of the cleanliness of the rest of the hospital.”

Paul Mallorie, Truvox's regional account manager for the south, said: “The Multiwash is really making a difference to cleanliness and hygiene on areas of safety flooring and ceramic tiling, together with other public areas that have a high footfall from staff, visitors and patients. As well as its superior performance in terms of cleaning results, the Multiwash is also extremely quiet in operation, meaning that disturbance is kept to a minimum whether cleaning is taking place during the day or the night - something that Horsham Hospital, and other healthcare settings, appreciate.”

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