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Safe handling of hazardous waste

Published 19th November, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Safe handling of hazardous waste

Sellers has launched the first in a series of new products - the WasteSafe. In what marks a departure from its traditional portfolio of products, the 800 litre WasteSafe is a stackable, low maintenance and UN approved product that can withstand impacts when dropped from 1.5 metres, even when at capacity with a load weight of 1200kg. The move follows a restructure that has left the manufacturer, which is now part of the Taylor Group, in the strongest position it has been in for two decades - according to CEO, Brendan Murphy.

Sellers' latest product, which combines the company's 'best of British' heritage with its reputation for producing high-grade containers, will be welcomed by the hazardous waste industry and compete with European manufacturers.

Mark Jenkins, sales director at the Taylor Group, said: “Not only does the launch of the WasteSafe mark the first step in Sellers' diversification programme, but it also makes the Taylor Group the only UK company to design, engineer and manufacture a UN approved product of this nature. This is the first in a series of innovative products that will use the core skills for which Sellers has become renowned.”

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