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Safe Contractor award for CK Group

Published 25th October, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Safe Contractor award for CK Group

CK Group has recently been awarded an accreditation certificate by Safe Contractor, a sought after health and safety accreditor, for achieving high standard health and safety services. These services broadly range from carpet and kitchen equipment cleaning to office and window cleaning and even graffiti removal.

During the assesment, a number of critical safety topics were considered. Safe Contractor ensured the emergency procedures, insurance cover, work equipment testing and the manual handling of the products and equipment within the CK Group met the high standards of the accreditation.

The certificate, valid until next year, highlights the hard work and determination the CK Group has put in to ensuring its services are up to the highest possible standard.

With over 30 years experience, CK Group companies have not only pioneered the introduction of some of the most effective and proven methods of ensuring optimum levels of hygiene, they are also ensuring that continuous daily use further develops these ideas.

The same equipment that CK Group operatives use, as well as tissues and wipes, janitorial supplies and cleaning chemicals, can also be supplied through its consumables division for in-house cleaning teams or other outside contractors to do the job themselves.

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