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Royal Charter awarded to WCEC

Published 13th January, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Royal Charter awarded to WCEC

The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners was formally presented with a Royal Charter of Incorporation at its annual Ladies’ Banquet on 25 November last year.

A Royal Charter is used to establish significant organisations and changes a body from a collection of individuals into a single legal entity. This will enable the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners to be firmly placed into the livery movement alongside other older companies. It will also greatly benefit the cleaning industry as a whole by acknowledging the importance of the industry in the UK.

The Environmental Cleaners Company is the 97th livery company of the City of London, and is also this year celebrating its 25th anniversary of receiving livery from the Corporation of London. There are currently 108 livery companies in the City, the oldest going back to 1155.

Her Majesty The Queen, upon the advice of her Privy Council, was pleased to approve a Charter of Incorporation on 21 July 2010.

Because of their importance, charters are often highly elaborate manuscripts. The Royal Charter is printed on vellum and was signed by Her Majesty.

The official document was formally presented to the Master of the Worshipful Company, Peter Holt, by the Windsor Herald of Arms, Mr William Hunt, at the Ladies Banquet held in Drapers’ Hall, in the company of some 200 members and guests from the cleaning and support services industry, the military and livery. Guests also raised over £1000 for the Red Cross City Branch.

The Royal Charter will be displayed at most company events alongside the Letters Patent, presented some 25 years ago.

One of the key projects the Worshipful Company supports on an annual basis is the work of cadets training to be environmental health technicians within military units. This is a crucial role which involves promoting and maintaining health and the prevention of disease. The job includes advising on all aspects of environmental health, occupational hygiene and environmental protection, both in barracks and under field conditions. Qualified technicians serve throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

An award was made at the Ladies Banquet for excellence of an environmental health cadre Territorial Army officer. The Worshipful Company donated £1000 from its charity fund to the Royal Army Medical Corps for social equipment for their personnel at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

Annual military awards are made by The Worshipful Company. Further medals and prizes were awarded to individuals from the Army & RAF’s Environmental Health Cadres and trophies awarded to the best cadets from the South East London Army Cadet force and the London wing of the Air Training Corps.