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RFID - the game has finally changed

Published 27th June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

RFID - the game has finally changed

PervasID, a leading RFID technology company, has announced the next generation flat ceiling tile antenna reader system, Space Ranger 9200. This solution delivers what is claimed to be the world’s first near-100% accurate wide-area passive RFID detection in real time. The result is that now retailers, hospitals and other industries are able to see the stock that they have throughout a store or building in real time.

Space Ranger 9200 uses a network of low profile flat ceiling tile antennas, each of which are located discreetly at intervals across the shop floor or stockroom, reducing the required number antennas needed by three quarters as well as reducing the coaxial cabling requirement by 50%. This long-range ceiling tile antenna reader reduces costs, requires less space and simplifies installation. A threefold reduction in installed costs per sq metre should be achievable. The solution is currently in trial with a number of leading retailers and is already on target to deliver an ROI of less than 12 months.

PervasID has a number of RFID solutions in the portfolio to support all types of requirement including a portal version. Its patented RFID technology supplies real time tracking of inventory, assets and people, delivering visibility and detailed insight, ensuring better customer service, improved security and lower costs to the business.

Sabesan Sithamparanathan, CEO of PervasID, said “Historically the adoption of RFID has not met industry expectation due to low detection rates combined with prohibitively high costs of reader system and deployment. All this has changed with our announcement today and we believe the benefits of RFID can now finally be realised cost effectively. Most overhead RFID readers, can read tags within a zone, but with less accuracy (typically only 80%) compared with the Space Rangerat nearly 100%. Our next generation solution resolves the issues of areas of low RF transmission where tags can easily be missed. Our unique distributed antenna system improves tag reading accuracy to near 100% making it a really viable solution for any business needing better insight into stock movements.”

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