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Research shows FMs are ‘kept in the dark about poor washroom conditions’

Published 25th September, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Research shows FMs are ‘kept in the dark about poor washroom conditions’

A recent survey of office washroom users by Kimberly-Clark Professional identified a significant gap between end user experience and facility managers’ awareness of washroom problems. Nearly half of respondents are not telling FMs when they encounter a wide range of poor washroom conditions.

A worrying 90% of respondents say empty dispensers in their office washroom have a negative impact. Meanwhile 85% suggest cheap or low-quality products make a bad washroom experience.

“The research demonstrates the importance of the washroom on overall satisfaction levels of a facility,” said Suzanne Halley, FM segment marketing manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional, UK and Ireland. “It also represents a missed opportunity to continuously improve standards. The results clearly show that office washroom users care about standards but don’t always say when they are unhappy, leaving facility managers in the dark and problems unfixed. Findings also indicate poor standards affect how washroom users feel about their company. So, how can FMs do the best for their facility and improve standards if they don’t know all the problems or issues?”

Through further research with facility managers, Kimberly-Clark Professional has gathered a picture of office washroom operations across the five ‘pillars’. In terms of cleanliness the survey asked FMs how their washrooms rated based on odours, blockages, and overall appearance. The results indicate many FMs face issues of cleanliness between service visits: 83% encounter hand towel pieces on the floor, and 81% find soap dripping on countertops, water on floor and waste bins full.

“With 45% of FMs also frequently finding recurring unpleasant odours in the washroom and 43% finding weekly toilet blockages, we can see why users are unhappy and the importance of the washroom to overall satisfaction levels,” added Suzanne Halley.

Through a free on-site assessment, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Washroom 5D helps FMs identify any problems, address issues, and measure standards against industry benchmarks. Tools are used to measure washroom traffic and washroom satisfactions levels and provide FMs with valuable data they have been missing up until now.

“The research shows why the washroom matters,” concluded Halley. “Washroom users care about standards, that’s why it is important not to forget the washroom as it can significantly impact a facility manager’s relationships with clients and employees who use the washrooms. It is also equally important to recognise the work of FMs who are facing these and other challenges on a daily basis and the standards of excellence achieved, and to support continued innovation, development and investment across the FM and cleaning industry.”

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