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Reinventing the toilet roll – and giving it a flushable core

Published 22nd September, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Reinventing the toilet roll – and giving it a flushable core

Tork manufacturer SCA believes itself to be the only hygiene tissue manufacturer to have come up with a toilet roll with a flushable core. The Aqua Tube has been designed to be flushed away with just one flush.

“This new product will revolutionise toilet rolls as we know them,” said SCA's senior product manager, Stephen Wright. “Most of the toilet paper we use today is on a roll - whether a conventional toilet roll, a jumbo roll, a mini-jumbo, or a twin roll. But the cores have always been a problem as they need to be collected and discarded after the roll has been used up - and this adds to the maintenance burden of the cleaner. And if the cores are inadvertently thrown down the toilet, they are likely to block the system.”

The Aqua Tube is made from the same material as the toilet paper itself which means it dissolves easily in water. The technology used to make the cores was recently put to the test in a series of trials which involved attempting to flush more than 10,000 tubes. Aqua Tubes were successfully flushed away without the need for any additional water.

“The Aqua Tube is a highly sustainable solution because it will help companies to reduce their waste and recycling burden,” said Wright. “This is a true innovation - and one that we are confident will be extremely well received by customers.”

The Aqua Tube core is a feature of SCA's new three-ply Tork Extra Soft Toilet Rolls. These high quality conventional toilet rolls have a soft, embossed surface and a high level of brightness. The visually appealing rolls are particularly suitable for use in smart, low-use washrooms where sustainability is also important. Tork also offers coreless toilet rolls in both single and twin roll systems. The Tork Coreless Mid-size Dispenser houses a single roll and is suited for areas with a low to medium capacity span, while the Tork Twin Coreless Mid-size Toilet Roll Dispenser contains two rolls to ensure a continuous toilet tissue supply.

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