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Regenex aims to save 3000 tonnes of carbon in 2021

Published 2nd March, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Regenex aims to save 3000 tonnes of carbon in 2021

Regenex has set a new goal to process 1000 tonnes of the UK’s dirtiest linen before its fourth birthday at the end of 2021. The ambitious target, representing a step-up in operations, has been fixed despite ongoing disruptions to the laundry sector related to the pandemic.

So far, Regenex has successfully rescued 650 tonnes of discoloured white linen that would have been condemned to landfill or rag. In addition, re-dyeing services have been applied to a further 75 tonnes of textiles.

Current totals since Regenex began operations in 2017 mean 275 tonnes of material will need to be processed successfully at the company’s 25,000sqft premises in Bradford, West Yorkshire, by the end of 2021 to meet the goal.

Paul Hamilton, technical director, said: “On average we have rescued 242 tonnes of linen in each year since we founded, and in 2021 we are hoping to achieve 275 tonnes. This will mean by Christmas we will have saved 3000 tonnes of carbon altogether.”

Photo shows: Managing director of Regenex, David Midgley (left) and technical director, Paul Hamilton.

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