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Refill system for Big White Mop

Published 13th August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Refill system for Big White Mop

More and more companies are now realising that there is an increasing need to adopt a more sustainable approach to the running and operation of their businesses, especially how to care and look after valuable assets - many of which are still often replaced without a thought to cost or the environmental consequences.

Every year the UK cleaning industry buys and sells 700 tonnes of plastic mop sockets, almost all of which, ultimately, end up in a landfill site causing environmental damage as well as being extremely costly.

In an effort to reduce waste and save money, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd has developed a new eco-friendly mopping system to further enhance its Big White Mop - the Big White Mop Refill Mop System. The patented system comprises two parts - a detachable socket and clip, and a replaceable mop refill. Simple and easy to use, the mop is placed inside the clip and the socket is pushed on evenly. The clip and refill is secured by screwing the handle into the socket.

When the mop is old and dirty simply remove the handle to release the clip, dispose of the mop in a paper recycling bin, then replace with a brand new mop. The Big White plastic socket and clips can be washed and reused hundreds of times and are colour coded to make cleaning easier to segregate and prevent cross contamination in environmentally sensitive areas.

To coincide with this launch, Robert Scott has produced a short film to illustrate how easy and simple this new mopping system is to use. The film can be viewed on the company’s website - - and is the first of what is hoped to be a series of film clips covering new and established items from its range.

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