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Record levels of cleanliness recorded in Britain's beach survey

Published 4th June, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Record levels of cleanliness recorded in Britain's beach survey

A record number of beaches in England and Wales have been graded at Europe's ‘excellent’ standard - the highest possible - according to the annual cleanliness survey conducted by the Environment Agency.

The survey, which tests the water quality and litter levels at 494 designated bathing sites, revealed that Britain is now enjoying its cleanest beaches for 10 years. The latest findings are a 2% improvement on 2008, continuing the trend which has seen seawater and beach cleanliness increase for the past 20 years.

The monitoring of Britain’s coast found that 97% reached ‘excellent’ standard, a tally put down to dry weather with limited run-off into the sea, and a sustained drive against farm chemical and sewer pollution.

Steve Wright, chairman of the British Cleaning Council, said: "These results, which I understand are the best for a decade, show that Britain has some of the cleanest beaches in Europe. With the holiday season approaching this is a great boost, and we hope that tourists will take the opportunity to enjoy Britain’s beaches with the confidence they deserve.”

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