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Recession sparks upturn for UK manufacturing

Published 12th February, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Recession sparks upturn for UK manufacturing

British companies are abandoning foreign manufacturers in favour of sourcing goods from this country, figures released by The Engineering Employers' Federation reveal.

One in seven firms reportedly moved operations back to Britain in the last two years, citing examples of overseas suppliers who produce poor quality goods and miss delivery times.

Andrew Large, secretary of ICMMA (Industrial Cleaning Machine Manufacturer's Association), said: “UK manufacturing has an emphasis on quality, customer service and timely delivery. The devalued sterling has meant that it is no longer as cost-effective to rely exclusively on imports, and one of the consequences of this shift is that many businesses are discovering that Britain remains a world leader in manufacturing.”

The EEF survey asserts that a majority of companies now regard Britain as a good place to produce goods, with 70% of all firms agreeing that the UK is a competitive location for manufacturing, up from 40% two years ago.

The report also revealed that two thirds of the 300 businesses surveyed planned to re-evaluate their supply chains as a result of the global recession.

Steve Wright, chairman of the British Cleaning Council, said: “UK industry has become increasingly competitive against the low-cost, emerging markets over the past few years, and this achievement is reflected in these figures. British Manufacturing is full of ingenuity; businesses are now recognising that it represents great value too.”

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