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Receiving the Traffik treatment

Published 24th January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Receiving the Traffik treatment

Home to the famous face of Henry, Numatic International is one of the UK's leading commercial cleaning equipment manufacturers. The company's dedicated 'media centre' provides advertising and promotional material for use across its international markets producing literature, audio and video components to support its worldwide marketing strategy. The flooring within this purpose built facility, and in particular the studio space used for both still and video production, is a hardworking and heavily trafficked and needs to be continuously clean.

This 40 sq metre studio area had, until recently, been covered with a typical photography studio white vinyl back-drop material which was in need of either replacing or refurbishment. Andrew Ernill, head of media at Numatic, said: “We needed a replacement backdrop that could stand up to constant use and remain spotlessly clean and brilliant white. The decision to move to a permanent, non-slip, matt, and brilliant white floor from a conventionally hung backdrop was an easy one. In addition we were able to increase the working photography space beyond what is available when using a conventional backdrop.”

The company has, over the past six months, been working closely with flooring specialist Traffik UK Ltd which, amongst its range of flooring maintenance and refurbishment services, is one of the leading service providers of new PU wear layers for existing flooring.

Traffik can refurbish and renew any resilient hard floor at a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement and without causing any environmental damage by disposing of old flooring into landfill sites. The system is suitable for refurbishing damaged and worn vinyl, linoleum and rubber floors. With limitless colour options, coloured flecks, printed foils and even bespoke graphic elements, the company was well placed to create the perfect flooring solution that Numatic was looking for - a hardwearing new surface, suited to photographic and film usage - without any environmental impact.

The studio flooring was replaced by Traffik using Dr Schutz white PU finish followed by a further coating of a clear PU matt finish - all undertaken within a 24 hour period causing no downtime.

Ernill concluded: “The flooring looks brand new with a surface ideal for both still and video production as well as being capable of bearing the heavy traffic load created when photographing ride on scrubber dryers and building room sets.”

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