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Real-life experience for fire damage training

Published 22nd February, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Real-life experience for fire damage training

Bookings are now being taken for a course which gives insurance professionals first-hand experience of the devastating effects of fire in the home. The National Flood School puts its state-of-the-art ‘flood house’ to a different use by setting fire to the property in a controlled environment as part of the ‘fire damage awareness day (FDAD)’, which runs on Tuesday 20 March 2012.

Once the fire has taken effect, the delegates can see the damage caused, including the high levels of dust encountered and the odour from the smoke produced. The FDAD also includes training in a classroom environment at the National Flood School’s site in Farnham, Surrey.

Vincent Blackman of the National Flood School, said: “The FDAD gives insurance professionals, including claims handlers, a chance to see the damage a fire can cause first-hand, rather than what they hear from a policyholder on the phone. The experience overall can then help them have a greater understanding when dealing with policy holders with a fire damage claim, and make the handling process even more effective.”

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