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Rapid charge system introduced

Published 19th June, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Rapid charge system introduced

Following the introduction of the Ecobat Lead Crystal battery range, the company has brought into its range a tailor-made charger to make up its Rapid Charge System. This addition allows it to offer an alternative package solution for applications that are presently or potentially lithium based.

“In contrast to common perception, matching the correct charger to the battery is as important as identifying the most appropriate battery for the application,” said EBT Industrial’s national accounts manager, Colin McCartney. “This is particularly the case with a highly engineered product such as Lead Crystal, which is designed to provide a realistic real-world alternative to lithium and other lead based products. In this scenario, because of the complexities of the battery design, the manufacturers of both battery and charger have had to collaborate to develop a charge profile that is tailored to suit the way in which the battery is constructed and the crystal mix it incorporates. With this work now undertaken, we can offer our customers a sub four-hour recharging solution that truly deserves its Rapid Charge System title.”

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