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Quantum System launched

Published 1st October, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Quantum System launched

Diversey Care has introduced the Taski Quantum system, a new mopping system comprising a unique mop handle and frame design, and double-sided microfibre flat mops that significantly increase user productivity. Winner of the 2013 Innovation Award at Italy's 2013 Pulire show, the system also promotes sustainability by reducing water, energy and chemical consumption during the laundry process and in use by up to 30%.

“Facilities are continually looking for ways to improve cleaning tasks while keeping within budgets,” said Lindsay Childerhouse, cleaning tools product manager, UK and Ireland at Diversey Care. “The Taski Quantum system enhances operational efficiency and productivity while reducing cleaning costs and an organisation's overall impact on the environment.”

The Taski Quantum Dual Damp Mop is made using high quality microfibre and contains a permeable layer which allows the mop to stay damp on both sides. The water management system is specially designed to absorb and release solution evenly across the floor to provide more coverage compared to a standard single-sided mop. This allows employees to complete cleaning tasks more quickly. Independent tests find that the tool increases user productivity by at least 10%.

Additionally, the Taski Quantum Dual Damp Mop's unique design eliminates the need for Velcro and issues that arise with the laundering of Velcro. With the attach-and-release mechanism, Taski Quantum does not require users to come into direct contact with the mops. This feature enhances overall hygiene, making it a valuable solution for healthcare settings. Single sided Uno mops are also available for cleaning in high-risk areas.

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