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Quality inspection system for cleaning operations

Published 7th December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Quality inspection system for cleaning operations

CheckMate 9 is a complete system for defining and continuously monitoring the quality, effectiveness and performance of cleaning and maintenance operations. Using handheld computers and a structured approach incorporating both checklists and fault recording, CheckMate 9 provides a powerful comprehensive system that cannot fail to help maintain buildings, services and equipment to the highest levels.

CheckMate 9 is simple to use and easy to set up and comes pre- configured for building cleaning inspections and fault recording. It is supplied on a CD with reference manual and user guide. Every part of the system can be changed to suit the individual location and client requirements.

Inspection lists: Each room, area or item of equipment can be checked against a specific checklist. Failures and non-conformities can be identified and selected from a pick list.

Fault recording: Up to 8 faults can be recorded for any room or unit from a dictionary holding hundreds of items in many categories - electrical, plumbing, glass, security, safety etc. The fault dictionary can be added to or amended at any time.

With most PDAs, a digital photo of the fault can be taken and stored with the room details, date and time.

CheckMate is used by many hospitals, universities, local authorities, and companies of all sizes. A modified version is even used to monitor the cleanliness of trains on Southern Railway throughout the south east.

The system is equally useful to both clients and contractor. Both can use CheckMate to make random, objective assessments of the standards being achieved, and the reports automatically generated by CheckMate show where action is needed. Reports include trend analyses by area, department, room type etc. and failure details by area, type (cluster fails) and a Pareto analysis to show those fails that have the most negative effect on performance.

Checkmate 9 works on PCs using all Windows operating systems - including the new Windows 7 - and on all Windows Mobile based PDAs.

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