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Q1 CSSA update published

Published 3rd June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Q1 CSSA update published

The CSSA has issued an update at the end of it's first quarter, having recently emerged from a two year interruption in its otherwise 50 year continuity. John Findlater, executive director of the CSSA, said: “Two years is a long period of inactivity. Thankfully, after industry and press encouragement to reform - and with the steady stream of returning past and new member organisations joining since our official relaunch in February 2016 - we are back with a refreshed management team and revitalised approach.”

The reconstituted board of directors, appointed until the next election of directors, is:

• Doug Cooke, chairman - Principle Cleaning Services Ltd.
• Bob Vincent, vice chairman - LCC Support Services Ltd.
• Mike Rutherford, treasurer - Alba Victoria Cleaning and Support Services Ltd.
• John Findlater, executive director - CSSA.
• Sandy Aird - Enhance Office Cleaning Ltd.
• Brian Chapman - The Supplies House Ltd.
• Tony Felgate - Monthind Clean LLP.
• Ashley Hoadley - Darwin Clayton (UK) Ltd.
• Darren Marston - Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd.
• Sean Taylor - Ecocleen Services Ltd.
• Philip Thomson - Robertson Facilities Management Ltd.

The cleaning industry contributes £8 billion per annum to the UK economy and deserves to be properly recognised and represented. The CSSA exists to represent its members, to offer direct or collective support, and to promote good practice in the industry.

On 22 April 2016 the inaugural meeting of the reconstituted board of directors took place and it was agreed that, for the time being, the association would function with four management bodies to support the identified programmes and activities of the main board. The executives, with outline provisional areas of authority, are:

• Health and Safety - to coordinate all health and safety activity and practical legislative matters, inter alia, such as HSE edicts. Darwin Clayton agreed to facilitate the Health and Safety group, and approach the HSE Cleaning Industry Forum to advise it will be representing the CSSA at this forum.

• Human Resources - to increase the knowledge and facilitate the improvement of the professional competence of members, which in turn will help drive industry standards and respect for all who work in the industry. The first key programme to be undertaken will be the Cleaning Apprenticeship. Mike Rutherford confirmed his election of chairman of Human Resources group.

• Innovation and Technology - to bring to members and the industry the application of practical, scientific, and other non-cleaning developments which can impact on all providers and users of cleaning and support services. Darren Marston confirmed his agreement to take up the mantel and drive the innovation principle on behalf of the CSSA.

• Marketing - to raise the profile of the association and the industry through the creation of a conceptual and deliverable statement indicating what the CSSA wants to become and how to get there. Sean Taylor confirmed his acceptance to lead the Marketing group.

To get involved in CSSA initiatives, or to find out more, please email: